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From ‘Curtain Christmas Fairy Lights’ to ‘DIY Sock Snowman Ornaments’ and ‘Mason Jar Christmas Lights’ to ‘Table Top Christmas Trees’ check out these awesome Christmas decor ideas that will give your home a bucket load of festive cheer!

Glitter Candles
Spruce up plain candle holders by applying mod podge and then sprinkling with glitter.
Tutorial Glitter Candles

Glitter Ornaments
Just paint on Mod Podge and Cover in Glitter
Silver Glitter, $10.59, Amazon

Glitter Trees
Take a foam cone and then many different sheets of glitter card stock.
Tutorial Glitter Trees

Micro String Lights in a Vase
Easy String Lights Decor, $8.99, Amazon

Snowman Jar
Turn a mason jar into an adorable snowman by applying mod podge to the outside and then wrapping white wool all the way around it.
Tutorial Snowman Jar

Tinsel Wreath
For this sparkly decor idea you’ll wrap tinsel around a wreath form and then attach baubles in different colors.
Tutorial Tinsel Wreath

DIY Doily Baskets
Make these pretty lacy baskets by covering a small bowl with plastic and dipping a doily in a mixture of water and pva glue.
Tutorial DIY Doily Baskets

Ping Pong Ball Christmas Lights
All you need for this is a load of ping pong balls and a set of LED lights.
Tutorial DIY Ping Pong Christmas Lights

DIY Santa Hat Cones
A foam cone is covered with red paint and glitter to create these blingy Santa hats which will look great anywhere around the house.
Tutorial DIY Santa Hat Cones

DIY Sock Snowman Ornament
Make this super easy and super cute ornament with a clear bauble and fill them with cotton or cushion filling.
Tutorial DIY Sock Snowman Ornament

Table Top Christmas Trees
This tree is made by wrapping a paper cone with plastic wrap and dipping the yarn in PVA glue which will then be wrapped around this.
Tutorial Table Top Christmas Trees

Upcycle Old Jars into Festive Lanterns
Make these festive lanterns by downloading the template included in the tutorial and tracing onto your jar with a sharpie.
Tutorial Upcycle Old Jars into Festive Lanterns

DIY Snowman Ornaments
Cherish their hand prints forever on these adorable snowmen baubles.
Tutorial Snowman Ornaments

Curtain Christmas Fairy Lights
Buy on Amazon Window Curtain String Light

Mason Jars with Battery Operated Christmas Lights
Buy on Amazon Mason Jar Christmas Lights

Aarikka Inspired Jingle Bell Elves
Wood beads are combined to make these adorable little elves which would look great as part of a Christmas village scene.
Tutorial Aarikka Inspired Jingle Bell Elves

Botanical Ornaments
Fill clear baubles with dried cedar and berries and finish with a red ribbon for this easy 2 minute ornament.
Tutorial Botanical Ornaments

DIY Flameless Fire Pit
To make this cozy fire, you’ll need tree branches, string lights and rocks.
Tutorial DIY Flameless Fire Pit

DIY Ping Pong Ball Festive Lights
Give LED lights a makeover with ping pong balls.
Tutorial DIY Ping Pong Ball Festive Lights

DIY Thumbtack Ornament
To recreate this idea you’ll need to purchase some decor-push pins and styrofoam balls. If it helps you could add glue to the balls to make sure the pins stay in.
Tutorial DIY Thumbtack Ornament

DIY Underwater Festive Forest
Create an underwater forest scene by gluing plants to the lid of a mason jar and adding water.
Tutorial DIY Underwater Festive Forest

Easy Gem Icicle Ornaments
Glue gems onto wire to make these bejeweled ornaments.
Tutorial Easy Gem Icicle Ornaments

Easy Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree
Upcycle an old pallet to make this minimalist tree by sawing the pallet to form a tree shape.
Tutorial Easy Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree

Egg Carton Holiday Amaryllis Ornament
Reuse your egg cartons to make these beautiful ornaments by painting them red.
Tutorial Egg Carton Holiday Amaryllis Ornament

Handmade Star Wire Ornament
Take a wooden board and hammer nails into it in the shape of a star.
Tutorial Handmade Star Wire Ornament

How to make Iced Branches
Bring the bling to your table with these twinkling iced branches.
Tutorial How to make Iced Branches

Make a Scandinavian Star Decoration with Twigs
Gather twigs from your back yard to make these Scandinavian inspired star ornaments.
Tutorial Make a Scandinavian Star Decoration with Twigs

Metallic Paper Ball Ornaments
A 1″ hole punch is used to make circles from metallic paper to glue onto styrofoam balls in this festive project.
Tutorial Metallic Paper Ball Ornaments

Scrabble Tile Ornament
Purchase scrabble tiles and glue onto card in the shapes you enjoy to make these cute scrabble ornaments.
Tutorial Scrabble Tile Ornament

Make a Sequin Sparkles Ornament for Christmas
Sequins are pinned to styrofoam balls to make these pretty and colorful ornaments that catch the light beautifully on your tree.
Tutorial Sequin Sparkles Ornament

DIY Penguin Light Bulbs
Give used bulbs a new life by painting them like winter characters such as penguins.
Tutorial Penguin Light Bulbs

Felt Ball Garland for Christmas
For a cozy garland that will add warmth to your room, string felt balls in different colors together.
Tutorial Felt Ball Garland for Christmas

Handwritten Decorated Festive Plates for Christmas Dinner
Transform plain dollar store plates into designer looking delph with the use of gold and silver markers which are used to create your festive designs.
Tutorial Handwritten Decorated Dollar Store Plates

Paper Cube String Lights
For the origami fanatic this project will be right up their street and it will add a cool vibe to your decor.
Tutorial Paper Cube String Lights

Snowman Fridge Hack
Give your fridge a frosty the snowman makeover by cutting out cardboard circles in different sizes for the eyes and buttons and then paint them black.
Tutorial Snowman Fridge Hack

DIY L.E.D. Deer Head
Bring a modern twist to the festivities with this deer head made from an old picture frame and LED lights.
Tutorial DIY L.E.D. Deer Head

Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamps
Make these fairy lit globes by dipping the jute in PVA glue which will then be wrapped around balls.
Tutorial Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamp

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